[Photo Stories] Portland House of Music Hosts The Maine Dead Project for Live Stream

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On Saturday The Maine Dead Project played a show at the Portland House of Music. The show was offered as a live stream and there was no audience in attendance. The venue will host more bands to perform over live stream as part of their Live from PHOME series.

"Live From PHOME is our live streaming concert series – Live from the stage at Portland House of Music and Events. It’s like ‘take-out’, but for music!" -PHOME

Check out the full gallery of Saturday's shows shot by photographer Vic Brazen below and tickets to the live streams can be purchased here.

The Maine Dead Project | August 1st, 2020 | pORTLAND, me

[NEW RELEASE] Charm Parade Releases Four Song EP

You may remember earlier this year when the band RANA announced a reunion concert in honor of keyboardist, Matt Trowbridge's 40th birthday. That band which also includes drummer Ryan Thornton, bassist Andrew Southern, and Scott Metzger on guitar, was unable to play the concert due to COVID-19.

The silver lining, Charm Parade. Charm Parade is made up of bassist Andrew Southern and Ryan Thornton on drums and vocals. The band came together organically after the RANA reunion did not come to fruition this year.

Thornton tells Tour Stories, "About 15 years ago Andrew told me that he wants to form a band with me as the lead singer someday, and that whenever that happens, it will be called Charm Parade. So here we are! 

The absence of the RANA show was in part the push over the edge that we needed to get this happening. There was a void that we were able to fill by working on these songs, and we wrote songs that we hope fill a void for the listeners, and bring joy to their day. 

There are certainly some veiled (or not so veiled) hints at the c...

Don’t You Cry: Neighbor at the Tupelo Drive-In

On June 25th, 2020 Neighbor the group from MA generating a sort of grassroots movement of sorts played their first live show in recent months at the Tupelo Drive- In in Derry, NH.

And midway through a show opening Mighty Apple Tree, there it was, that missing thing over these last few months laced in the misery of an uncertain future and a present taken from our collective lives. The gift of live music, of forgetting everything, if only for a few moments, as the band was back and at their full powers creating that solid foundation onto which guitarist Lyle Brewer could build a tower of sound, bending that sunburst PRS into submission and squeezing every last bit of sound out of those lonely strings.

It had been a long and trying 107 days since the “Fab Four” of Neighbor graced a stage in front of an au...

Spafford Brings Live Music Back to the Desert at The Drive-In

A concert is like a car. Most of us have been around one before but we really don’t know anything about what is under the hood. There is A LOT of shit under there and it takes a lot of moving parts to make the thing go. In the last two weeks I have had the unique privilege of watching a band I admire putting the pieces together. It was a real experience to see the thing come together so quickly. Spafford produced a finished product, a LIVE socially distant drive-in concert in Mesa, Arizona, in under two weeks.

The vibe was initially surreal. I arrived for soundcheck a little after 4PM and that desert sun was beating down. I could see in the distance that the cars had started to line up. Die-hard Arizona Spafford fans arriving early for the first shot at a first come first serve based spot situation. The concert was ticketed and each car had either a East or West pass. Depending on your purchased location you were instructed on either side of the stage. Next to the stage was a tremendous video screen, fans were truly at the drive-in. The band brought in a PA system to provide a real conce...