[INTERVIEW] The Music Maker: Lyle Brewer

Photo by Joan Hathaway

Lyle Brewer, has been popping up on my social media feeds more and more over the last few years. The first I heard of Brewer was when I saw a musician I admire tag him in a post playing guitar. It was clear that he had learned something from Brewer, so I went on to learn about him. From there I discovered that Brewer is quite the musician himself. Brewer is a guitarist from Massachusetts, where he studied at The New England Conservatory. He is apart of the band Neighbor, which is a band that has formed recently and is developing quite the following. As a solo artist Brewer has released 7 albums and he is currently working on a new album with Kristin Slipp from Cuddle Magic. In my pursuit of Lyle I stumbled upon the "Friend of the Devil" video he did for his Let it Grow series and in it his playing was pure and simple and it drew me in.

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[Interview] The Higgs In The Desert

Photo by Adam Johnson

The Higgs came to Phoenix again on Saturday and they delivered quite the set to an excited crowd. The band has developed a big following in the valley and most of the attendees had left McDowell Mountain Music Festival to catch the show at Last Exit Live. Each of the four members bring something different to the table, John Lovero (Guitar/Vocals), Garrett Morris (Drums), David Barsky (Bass/Vocals), and Jesse August Jennings (Keys/Organ/Synth).

The setlist delivered some favorites, offering up a cover of The Disco Biscuits song “Portal To An Empty Head”. If you’re a fan of The Disco Biscuits and you hear the beginning of that song you get all the feels. I ran in from the outside section of the club to make sure my spot was secured.

"Fly On" Bazookafoot live sessions at Revelry Studios

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