Put Me In Coach: An Interview with Danny Mayer

The jam scene is somewhat of a rotating cast of familiar faces, so much so that when you notice a face you don’t know that much about it’s always intriguing. Danny Mayer popped up recently for me this way. Since then I have gotten to know his work and I became interested in his story, enough to ask to speak with him. 

Danny Mayer found a home in the music scene in the early 2000’s when he started his band called the On The Spot Trio, created in the vein of Soulive, and quickly he became a part of the Soulive scene. After joining the Alan Evans Trio, which featured Soulive’s founding member Alan Evans, he eventually came to be in Eric Krasno’s band. He is now the guitarist in Star Kitchen, Marc Brownstein’s funk jam band. 


Join The Band: A Tribute to Paul Barrere

On Saturday evening I woke up from a nap in a Denver hotel room. A quick rest before gearing up for a night of music at The Ogden. I reached over for my phone and turned my alarm off. Then the notification from a friend “Just saw Paul Barrere passed. I know you guy’s were friends.” Sometimes you fall sleep and the world is one thing and you wake up and it’s something else.