Dogs In A Pile at Halloween Freak Fest

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It was a magical Halloween night in Pennsylvania. We went to Halloween Freak Fest at the LNC which was brought to us by Circle D Productions and featured Dogs In A Pile with special guests PanSong feat. Members of Out of the Beardspace. The festival sure lived up to its name! There were vendors, fireworks, a costume contest, and hours of music under a Blue Moon! The venue did an incredible job of enforcing social distancing while still creating such a unique musical experience.


The Allman Betts Band Delivered in Pennsylvania

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The Allman Betts Band continued their “Bless Your Heart” tour in Bethel, PA on Friday. The Pat Garret Amphitheater is way out there. The venue is comprised of a huge stage in a wide-open field with luscious green grass. It is surrounded by farms and forest and we stood under a sparkling starry sky. It was set up for social distancing and there were grids clearly marked. Everyone was happy with plenty of space to enjoy the feels. I was happy to see that all of the guidelines were being followed, and it felt close to normal. We have been lucky to have music during the time of Covid but in some cases that “feeling” is rare. I felt that “feeling” on Friday night.  


Danny Mayer talks new single “Soquel” and Wildfires

We spoke to our friend Danny Mayer about the release of OTS (On The Spot) Trio’s latest single “Soquel”. The release marks the second single the band has released in 2020, along with the fun and up-beat track “Hefe” released in April. The song shares a retro, funky, psychedelic vibe that has become a characteristic of Mayer’s ensembles. OTS has been morphing and evolving for the last 14 years, but this latest single was born back in Santa Cruz and circumstance will have it that its release correlates to the terrible wildfires that have engulfed much of the area.

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Tim Norton releases new song “Holding on to a Dream”

Tim Norton’s second single, "Holding on to a Dream" is available today. The single ‘Holding on to a Dream’ has a jam rock feel stitched into a indie/pop rock tapestry. We really vibe with the single and look forward to hearing more from Tim Norton and his band outta SoCal.  Also out now, Live Vol. 1, featuring 6 tracks from their audience-free July performance in North Park, San Diego.  

Backing him up is an all-star cast, featuring Eric Blumenfeld, Cameron Radke, Jacob Miranda and Jake Najor. Averaging well over 100 performances a year on the road, Tim grew his band from humble beginnings of <10 attendees to routinely selling out 200+ capacity venues in SoCal. Touring nonstop and gaining a following allowed the band to open for profe...