19 Things We Are Thankful For in 2019

  1. Between Me and My Mind – A documentary given to us by Trey Anastasio. The documentary gives PHISH fans the opportunity to look inside the life of their hero. The poignant film humanizes the hero and gives insight and perspective.
  2. “What the Night Brings: A Tribute to Jeff Austin”, and “There’s a Reward: A Celebration of the life of Neal Casal” – 2019 met fans with a lot of tragedy but in the face of these tragedies the music community rallied together. The result was two beautiful nights of music to honor the musicians we loved and lost.
  3. Backline.Care – In another epic showing of support by the music community, Backline.Care emerged as the music industry’s hub for mental health and wellness resources. We are thankful for the humans who decided to do something about a problem that could no longer be ignored.
  4. Set Break Is Over – The Disco Biscuits are back in 2019 with new music and an extensive tour. We are thankful that Set Break Is Over.
  5. Karina Rykman- 2019 saw the Karina Rykman Experiment come to fruition in full force. It also felt like Karina was kicking ass all over the place.
  6. The Wood Brothers – It really doesn’t matter what year it is. We are always thankful for The Wood Brothers.
  7. Stevie Weavie’s Help>>Slipknot>>Franklin’s – for 1364 days JRAD fan Stevie Weavie publicly counted the days since the last time Joe Russo’s Almost Dead played these particular songs into each other. 2019 saw Stevie’s wish come true. JRAD gifted him a trophy. We are thankful that Stevie got his wish and that JRAD is awesome.
  8. Turkuaz Kuadrochrome– 2019 witnessed the rainbow nonet trade in their colors, a brilliant reinvention of a band we all love, and the release of the new EP Kuadrochrome. We are thankful for the creativity that is Turkuaz.
    Via Turkuaz Facebook Page, by Dani Brandwein
  9. SPAGA Band – 2019 brought us Aron Magner’s new side project’s self-titled debut album. The trio is turning traditional jazz concepts on their head.
  10. Phish return to Nassau Coliseum. For the first time in more than a decade, Phish is returning to Long Island to play a show at “the” Coliseum.  
  11. Headcount – Headcount is a national non-for-profit that works with musicians to promote participation in Democracy. Thank you Headcount.
  12. Muscle Shoals Sound Studio – In 2019 the Allman Betts Band recorded their new album Down to the River at the Muscle Shoals Sound Studio. The recording studio has famed history and sees its numerical address as the title of Cher’s 1969 record 3614 Jackson Highway. Go learn about Muscle Shoals.  
  13. Andy Frasco – Not only was Andy Frasco one of the first artists to speak with Tour Stories but he also used his platform to spread awareness for mental health. 2019 saw a lot of Andy Frasco and we hope 2020 sees a lot more. Thanks for brightening up the room Andy!
  14. Pigeons Playing Ping Pong give back – PPPP announced that $1 of every ticket will be donated to Backline.care in conjunction with their recently announced Dawn A New Day Foundation. Thank you Pigeons for giving back.
  15. Paul Barrere – 2019 also brought the loss of long time Little Feat guitarist Paul Barrere. We are thankful for all the music Paul brought to us throughout his time on earth and we are thankful that he shared his story.
  16. Posters- The print scene is an industry onto itself. We were so inspired by the show art this year we created a feature called ‘Poster Club’. We are thankful for prints and the beautiful beings who create them.
  17. Kitchen Dwellers – the Kitchen Dwellers are another band making noise to raise awareness. Their recently released video ‘Shadows’ addresses America’s Opioid Crisis. Thank you Kitchen Dwellers for shining a light.
  18. Tool- 2019 saw the release of Fear Inoculum Tool’s first new album since 10,000 Days was released in 2006.
  19. Stories – Man oh man, are we thankful for Stories! We are also thankful for all of you, especially those who have shared your stories. When twilight falls upon you and you start your long walk home, what will your story say about you?

Photography by Vic Brazen, Wheels N Waves Media

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