Effortless Soul: The Marcus King Band

Photography by Lizzie Morelli

Like many of you I follow Marcus King on Instagram. I have a deep appreciation for his style and I wish I could pull off the hat that has become his staple. His aesthetic is reminiscent of the past. There is a vibe about him. I attended my first Marcus King Band show on Sunday in Phoenix and even before he walked on stage you could feel that energy. The room was dark, except for the stage lights and the vintage looking Orange Music Electric Company amplifiers. The entire stage started to tell a story.


[Photo Stories + Fan Review] Spafford Tour Through Florida

Words by
Photography by Carson Church

When Spafford comes here every year to do a Florida Run, they never disappoint and the overall temperatures around the state start to rise. These runs have created a Florida following called FLAF, a group of fantastic humans who all love Spafford.  Which in turn created a clothing line.  The group bought the band and crew FLAF shirts and had an official meetup at The Orpheum in Tampa.