The Allman Betts Band at The Funky Biscuit

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The Allman Betts Band played an incredible two-night run live from the Funky Biscuit in Boca Raton, FL last week. This was the most intimate show I’ve seen this band play. The Funky Biscuit is an indoor venue and restaurant and for this socially distant show, they sold tickets by the table and had everything spread out according to guidelines. There were also two shows each night, a 6 pm show and a 9 pm show. This was a clever way to give fans more opportunities to attend a show since tickets were for limited capacity.

Both nights we attended the 9pm shows. Both shows started with an opening set from Jackson Stokes. Each night he played a few original songs and on the second night a cover of “Freight Train”. Both nights contained his song “Whiskey”, which rocks! Night 1 I had purchased his cd at the merch stand, and by night 2 I was singing along... I highly recommend it! After that short but sweet set, he morphed to the guitar tech and was getting the stage set up. Very cool to see!

As we awai...