A letter to Musicians. To quote Hunter S. Thompson, music has always been a matter of fuel for me. Throughout my lifetime it has been what has held my life together. To some, this notion may sound crazy but to the ones who know, they understand.  I started Tour Stories as a way of guaranteeing the opportunity to speak with the people who play music.  To me, their stories are what the whole god damn thing is all about.

I have interviewed countless musicians at this point, and I am always surprised by the humanity in our conversations. Through social media we expect everyone to have it together, to be the people they are on their feeds, and sometimes reality and virtual reality sync up but more often than not they don’t.

I’ve spoken to great musicians straight off a sold-out Red Rocks Run, who still sound doubtful in their own answers. As if they too aren’t sure they deserve what they have worked tirelessly for. The human condition does not escape the celebrity. It does not skip over the rock star. These people go out and put themselves out there each and every night exposing themselves to the cruel message boards, the judgment, and the negativity of fans who “love them”. The irony could almost kill you when you see it unfold, which we do daily.

I guess I am writing this because I have been guilty of idolizing the greats too, but I am searching for new meaning in their stories. Where were their struggles? What are they facing? How is life at home compared to life on the road? Is the band thriving, but the walls of their homes are crumbling? Whatever the case, these are the stories. Most songs come from stories. They come from pain, confusion, love, insecurity! The human in the musician is what we all relate to in their music. We have the same stories, with different characters. We suffer the same, and love the same, and are trying to just get by the same.

I hope that we can practice kindness toward each other. Especially towards the people, we idolize. People are all just people. When you start interviewing talented people, it hits you that they are just people. People who wake up every day and are out there trying to be awesome. I learned recently that the mere act of putting yourself out there and trying to be awesome makes you awesome. To the ones out there just trying to be awesome, I salute you. I wish you all the kindness in the universe.

Thank you for being brave enough to share your gifts. Brave enough to play for the masses, who will no doubt call out your mistakes.

We see you overcoming all of this to deliver your music and we love you for it (even when you think we don’t).

Keep going,

Lizzie Morelli

Founder, Tour Stories

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