Don’t You Cry: Neighbor at the Tupelo Drive-In

On June 25th, 2020 Neighbor the group from MA generating a sort of grassroots movement of sorts played their first live show in recent months at the Tupelo Drive- In in Derry, NH.

And midway through a show opening Mighty Apple Tree, there it was, that missing thing over these last few months laced in the misery of an uncertain future and a present taken from our collective lives. The gift of live music, of forgetting everything, if only for a few moments, as the band was back and at their full powers creating that solid foundation onto which guitarist Lyle Brewer could build a tower of sound, bending that sunburst PRS into submission and squeezing every last bit of sound out of those lonely strings.

It had been a long and trying 107 days since the “Fab Four” of Neighbor graced a stage in front of an au...