A letter to Musicians. To quote Hunter S. Thompson, music has always been a matter of fuel for me. Throughout my lifetime it has been what has held my life together. To some, this notion may sound crazy but to the ones who know, they understand.  I started Tour Stories as a way of guaranteeing the opportunity to speak with the people who play music.  To me, their stories are what the whole god damn thing is all about.

I have interviewed countless musicians at this point, and I am always surprised by the humanity in our conversations. Through social media we expect everyone to have it together, to be the people they are on their feeds, and sometimes reality and virtual reality sync up but more often than not they don’t.

I’ve spoken to great musicians straight off a sold-out Red Rocks Run, who still sound doubtful in their own answers. As if they too aren’t sure they deserve what they have worked tirelessly for. The human condition does not escape the celebrity. It does not skip over the rock star. These people go out and put themselves out there each and every night exposing...

[PHOTO STORIES] Circles Around The Sun at The Olympic in Boise

Our favorite, Circles Around the Sun brought their show to The Olympic in Boise, Idaho last night. The band, including newly announced guitarist John Lee Shannon, delivered a great set to a full room and photographer Ryan West was able to shoot the show. The evening opened with Texas-grown keyboardist Frank LoCrasto.

Check them out on tour and take a look at the full gallery below.


Danny Mayer Releases His Debut Solo Single Off His New Record Basic Goodness

Danny Mayer has given us his debut solo release titled “Basic Goodness”. Mayer stayed true to his inclination for mixing sounds and was able to put together a single that blends old-school psychedelic funk with a “Go-Go” – style drum beat.

From Mayer, the song title was inspired by a concept coined by Tibetan spiritual teacher Chögyam Trungpa Rinpoche. “Basic Goodness” observes that humans beings are wired to experience joy through entities as simple as sound and color. The concept extends into how nature provides the basic needs for human survival. Once it is recognized that the world around us has all of the basic elements designed for survival, one can exist in a relaxed & natural state, simply feeling and experiencing the vibrations of the world around them.

The meaning behind the title is certainly something most of us can get down with. The single also brings that same unity. The track feels experimental. We love that the song ...

Skyfoot: Astronomy Man

Skyfoot is a four-piece jam band from Boston, MA. They have been making music in the North East for years, but they caught my attention when they released their fourth full-length album, Astronomy Man. The eleven-track album was recorded at Rotary Records in western Massachusetts this past winter and spring. I was immediately captivated by the beginning of “Wat’cha Gonna Do,” the first track on the record because it has this bouncy Americana thing that I drift to, and the vocals stand out to me also.


Danny Mayer talks new single “Soquel” and Wildfires

We spoke to our friend Danny Mayer about the release of OTS (On The Spot) Trio’s latest single “Soquel”. The release marks the second single the band has released in 2020, along with the fun and up-beat track “Hefe” released in April. The song shares a retro, funky, psychedelic vibe that has become a characteristic of Mayer’s ensembles. OTS has been morphing and evolving for the last 14 years, but this latest single was born back in Santa Cruz and circumstance will have it that its release correlates to the terrible wildfires that have engulfed much of the area.

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