Dogs In A Pile at Halloween Freak Fest

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It was a magical Halloween night in Pennsylvania. We went to Halloween Freak Fest at the LNC which was brought to us by Circle D Productions and featured Dogs In A Pile with special guests PanSong feat. Members of Out of the Beardspace. The festival sure lived up to its name! There were vendors, fireworks, a costume contest, and hours of music under a Blue Moon! The venue did an incredible job of enforcing social distancing while still creating such a unique musical experience.

Located in Huntington Valley, outside of Philly: The “Lords New Church” is a very special place. The venue is comprised of a beautiful forest and a lush lawn that is situated between grand old stone churches. The stage is set up in front of one of the churches. Thanks to Stage Trip Productions the lights were projected against the stone façade and the trees, and were an incredible sight to behold. Divergence Lasers also delivered lasers for the occasion. It was a cold night, but this venue allowed fans to bring their own fire pits as long as it was on top of plywood, and they provided free firewood. I thought it was a cool thing that this was provided for us. Putting myself in their shoes for a moment I can’t fathom how cold the musicians must’ve been! I really appreciate the musicians who are making this work during these times; normally, it would be too cold for an outdoor show in these parts.

Photograph by Lyss Poland

Pansong kicked off the evening with a high-energy set full of incredible improvisational jams. They began with a cover of the Crosby, Stills, Nash, & Young song “Woodstock”, right as the sun was starting to set. The moment felt bittersweet because it would probably the last time we would all be gathering this way outside until next season. 

Dogs In A Pile took the stage and just started playing which is always an adventurous start to a show! A few minutes in they played an awesome instrumental “Thriller”, a perfect start to their Halloween voyage! Then came “Bubble” which had an awesome “Crosseyed and Painless” tease, into “Look Johnny” with a tease from The Monsters theme…so spooky! Next they played “Dancin’ Fool”, a Zappa cover, and it was the first time it was played. They crushed it! The band changed the lyrics to reference their manager Ross, which had us all laughing. I love when bands make surprise jokes and shoutout their team!

The first set finished with “Thomas Duncan Part 2 > Blues for Brian > Trunk Rum”. At set break there was an insane firework show and the winner of the costume contest was announced. My group won! Me and 25 of my friends dressed up as the characters from Nintendo’s Mario Kart. We were gifted a Dogs in A Pile show print. We came up with the idea to do this costume at the last Dogs in A Pile show we were at in September while the band were doing their Super Mario Coin Grab jam.  It all came full circle!

Photograph by Lyss Poland

Set two kicked off with “Money for Nothing” cover another chance for the band to take liberties with the lyrics, this time they referenced the LNC itself which lead to “Porque Pedro” which was the longest jam of the night at 18:56. Next was my personal favorite, “SPUN”, and man did we spin! It’s one of those songs that I can only describe as a “rager”, and there is that indescribable explosion of energy and everyone is just dancing their hardest, it’s all over the place in the best way. Followed by “Craig & Pat” a singalong jam, with the lyric “We’re having a good time!”. It’s so fun to all shout, and the jam that follows is always a highlight… but a good time is an understatement for the experience we’re having! It’s much more then “good!”. Samba for Sam > Charlie to close!

What a show!

It’s so impressive what this band is doing and the energy they are bringing. They have created this amazing community before even releasing their first album! From the live shows it feels like they have enough original music to release many. They have created such an authentic sound, with a sprinkle of influence of all our favorite music and a whirlwind of that brand new never heard before unique magical sound we are all searching for. It’s all just so exciting and I can’t wait for you to hear it, see it & feel it.

10.02.2020 performance at Yazgur’s Farm in Bethel, NY.

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