Effortless Soul: The Marcus King Band

Photography by Lizzie Morelli

Like many of you I follow Marcus King on Instagram. I have a deep appreciation for his style and I wish I could pull off the hat that has become his staple. His aesthetic is reminiscent of the past. There is a vibe about him. I attended my first Marcus King Band show on Sunday in Phoenix and even before he walked on stage you could feel that energy. The room was dark, except for the stage lights and the vintage looking Orange Music Electric Company amplifiers. The entire stage started to tell a story.

Interestingly enough, I almost instantly recognized the guitar tech during the switch over. His name I cannot remember but I do remember his story. I had previously met him outside the Variety Playhouse in Atlanta a few years back. I remember his love for his craft. I watched as he meticulously tuned and dressed each of Kings guitars. All these details form this feeling – there was a notable attention to detail and thought.

When Marcus King walked out the excitement was palpable. I waited for the first sounds of his guitar and his voice. I have heard so much about the sound of his voice. I can only describe it as effortless soul, a condition that cannot be taught. The band played a handful of songs from the latest record El Dorado, closing the night with a three song encore: “Young Man’s Dream” “Sweet Marion” and “Goodbye Caroline.”


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