Grammy Nominee G. Love Delivers in Florida

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It was a beautiful night in Delray Beach, Florida and  G. Love was playing live from the Old School Square with support from The Ries Brothers. The venue followed social distance guidelines and was in the pod format. Each pod had four chairs and were spaced in accordance with the rules.

The temperature was perfect for a live show, not too warm, and not cold at all! There we palm trees all around and we had a perfect view of a gigantic light-up Christmas tree. The Ries Brothers are a rock band from Tampa, Florida and they kicked off the evening. They played a set of originals with an authentic cover of `All Along the Watchtower’ in the middle. They continued to play some of their songs and then brought it back to the end of `Watchtower’ to close the set. They also performed the awesome song “Doin’ Time” by Sublime. Both cover choices had a unique quality to them. This was my first time seeing The Ries Brothers, and I was blown away. I purchased their vinyl and look forward to hearing more of their originals. The set ended and the stage went pitch-black except for the glowing drumsticks. It was a dramatic ending and a great way to close out before G. Love took the stage.  

Photo by Alyssa Poland

This was a different lineup for G. Love, a solo show with no special sauce, but a very special treat of Chuck Treece playing the drums. Chuck Treece is a fellow Philly bred musician like G. Love, and the two sound incredible together. It is hard to believe that there were only two musicians on that stage because the sound was so full! The duo opened the show with “SoulBQue” a rocking singalong off the new album “The Juice”. It was so great to hear that sweet harmonica jam. Next was a completely sideways “Statesboro Blues” played unlike you’ve ever heard it played by The Allman Brothers. G. Love plays the original version by Blind Willie McTell, who recorded the song in 1928! This was followed by “Fixin to Die”, the title track from the album released in 2011. The Fixin’ to Die album was produced by the Avett Brothers, and after the song, G.Love shouted them out. Next was “Drinking Wine”, another high-energy jam off the new album. Followed by a beautiful “Rainbow”, a song released as a duet with Jack Johnson. Then it was “The Juice”, the title track of his latest record, and an extraordinary moment in last night’s show. G.Love’s “The Juice” was nominated for a Grammy for  Best Contemporary Blues Album. G.Love took a moment to give thanks and celebrate, saying this was his first show as a Grammy nominee! Next was “She’s the Rock” a beautiful love song. G.Love dedicated it to his wife, with whom he just celebrated one year of marriage. He also dedicated it to all the husbands out there.

Photo by Alyssa Polana

Next was two epic G.Love classics, “Can’t go back to Jersey” right into “i-76”. Both songs are fast rocking ragers, fun songs, and extra iconic if you’re from the Philly area.  Soon after he hilariously apologizied to all the Floridians for “Dealing with the “Philly f*kers who are moving down here.” It was extra funny for my family and me since that is us, but luckily for Florida, I moved back to Philly! They closed with “Baby’s Got Sauce”, an amazing ending to a special show. For the encore, The Ries Brothers joined the stage for “Cold Beverages” and it got funky. They all jammed it out.

They ended the show with something the world needs now more than ever, “Peace, Love, and Happiness”. What a show, so high energy, so beyond fun! It is so amazing to attend these safe and socially distant shows, there is that collective feeling in the air of “WOW, we all needed this!”

After the show, we were still near the stage taking some post-show group photos. I attempted to get the setlist, I didn’t get it but someone on stage gave me Chuck Treece’s drumming notes! I’m not a musician so this looks like another language to me, but there are a few song titles on it and the different letters of the key for the song. Anything off the stage is an awesome keepsake! As we thanked the crew, G. Love himself came out and we got to thank him! We spoke for a moment and he so kindly took some photos with my family & me. Such a kind, humble musician. This was such a special show, and I was so grateful for this experience. There is one more chance to catch live this year, on 12/05/2020, in Orlando! He also has many unique upcoming live streams with different musicians ahead, don’t miss out!

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Sep 17, 2021