[NEW RELEASE] Charm Parade Releases Four Song EP

You may remember earlier this year when the band RANA announced a reunion concert in honor of keyboardist, Matt Trowbridge’s 40th birthday. That band which also includes drummer Ryan Thornton, bassist Andrew Southern, and Scott Metzger on guitar, was unable to play the concert due to COVID-19.

The silver lining, Charm Parade. Charm Parade is made up of bassist Andrew Southern and Ryan Thornton on drums and vocals. The band came together organically after the RANA reunion did not come to fruition this year.

Thornton tells Tour Stories, “About 15 years ago Andrew told me that he wants to form a band with me as the lead singer someday, and that whenever that happens, it will be called Charm Parade. So here we are! 

The absence of the RANA show was in part the push over the edge that we needed to get this happening. There was a void that we were able to fill by working on these songs, and we wrote songs that we hope fill a void for the listeners, and bring joy to their day. 

There are certainly some veiled (or not so veiled) hints at the current situations but we were careful to not make an album about 2020 because I’m not sure anyone’s gonna want to be dragged back here when we (hopefully) are on the better side of this. 

These situations and feelings in these songs can happen at any time to any person. The process was an escape for us and we hope it is for you

The band officially released their four song EP today on which Scott Metzger brings his guitar glory on one of the tracks “The Almost”.

The purpose of this band is to capture, in song, that moment when some people decide it’s time to leave the gathering, and some people say to themselves, “this is what I’ve been waiting for.” Hang out with us for 18 minutes, have fun, and we’ll take you there.

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Sep 17, 2021