New Release: Music For The End of the World by JW Farrell

Music For the End of the World is the newest single from NYC based solo artist, JW Farrell.

Despite the timing of its release, the first song from his upcoming second album was actually written about the existential threat of global warming and nuclear war. Although it may now have alternative interpretations. Its toe-tapping energy paired with tongue-in-cheek lyrics is a refreshing anthem for the times. I mean I guess what we need right now is more hopeful music about the end of the world!

JW Farrell is an Astoria based solo artist from Philadelphia PA. He has an EP (Alexandria EP) and an album (Francisville) under his belt, with an upcoming full-length album due out in the fall. 

“Music for the End of the World” was recorded at a mobile studio set up in a house in Ocean City, NJ by Jersey native singer-songwriter Frank Cervantes. The band (Farrell, Steve Scarola, Tom Cordell and Pat Foy) recorded most of the tracks, while staying there in December, with Stephen Federowicz overdubbing the piano parts from his apartment in Michigan later. It was then mixed and mastered by Ben Taylor of Beecher’s Fault

“Do you believe in anything?” CHECK IT.

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