[Photo Stories] Billy Strings Throws A Barn Burner in Phoenix

Photo by Lindsay McHenry @Linmack.photo

Last night Billy Strings brought his music to a packed Crescent Ballroom in downtown Phoenix. The place was at capacity with people flowing out the sides of the venue. I had never seen Billy Strings play before in person so with that first note, I just closed my eyes. I drifted into mindfulness with each note, trying to ignore the proximity of the people next to me. In this place I enjoy what I am hearing. The music puts me right back on some front porch, anywhere really. I am not even sure if there is a house attached to the porch which I am sitting on, but my eyes are closed and I am there with Billy and his strings and they are playing. Just when I thought my blind vision was offering me the best musical experience – I hear a strange sound. I take a peak from underneath my blind fold and it’s the kid. He’s sliding all sorts of weird ways down those strings of his and it sounds like we are in some alternate universe. The porch is gone and there’s a long-haired space invader picking at the guitar. My eyes are open, and I am dancing trying to keep up with the speed of his fingers.

Billy played some older material alongside songs off his recently released album, Home. The song Taking Water, the first off the record, was a highlight for me.

Tour Stories photographer Lindsay McHenry (@Linmack.photo) shot the show.

Check out the full photo gallery below and check out Billy Strings on Tour


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