[Photo Stories] Pepper ‘Step to the Local Motion’ Tour Opener in Boston

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 Pepper is currently out on their ‘Step To The Local Motion’ Tour in support of their latest album Local Motion, which hit the Billboard #1 Reggae album spot. Kash’d Out and The Elovaters were the support for the tour opener at Paradise Rock Club in Boston. Kash’d Out is on Law Records with Pepper. The Elovaters are from the Massachusetts and are gaining fans from all over. 

Pepper delivered their usual insane energy, playing a bunch of the new stuff while still playing a bunch of their popular older songs. Pepper brought the guys from The Elovaters out for a song and the guys from Kash’d Out for a song also.  

The Pepper guys were kidding around with the security on the rail. There’s a photo of Kaleo (Wassman) with his guitar in front of him hug style and in an impressive feat of strength, Bret (Bollinger) literally picked him up from the stage and put him on the stage. Bret was also riding his bass around the stage like a horse which I’ve never seen before (I’ve seen a lot of Pepper). They also brought a young girl up on stage after the encore who was on the rail all night with her parents. Both she and her father were stoked.

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The Elovaters | Paradise rock club | boston, ma | february 11, 2020


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