[Photo Stories] Spafford at The Ogden

Photographer Jason Gold, @new_octave

Spafford played two stellar shows in Denver this past weekend at The Ogden Theater and set the tone for the run of shows leading up to their Halloween run in their home state of Arizona. Night one left fans dizzy as the quartet opened the show with a jam-driven 80 minute first set which treated the crowd to a chronological jam medley featuring themes from the last 5 years of Spafford Halloween performances. The band weaved 5 different instrumental theme songs together with jams and ended where they started with the theme for the movie “Halloween”. 

The second set started with the familiar driving bass line of My Road (My Road) and got everyone moving before leading to a bust-out cover of the song Low by Cracker. Spafford first played this song once in 2017 in Athens, Georgia where they were joined by Cracker front-man David Lowry on lead vocals and acoustic guitar. After everyone finished singing along to the familiar chorus of “Low”, the band shifted immediately to their large instrumental composition Dirtbath. The rest of the set featured a blend of original material before ending with a new cover, a bluegrass-ish take on Under the Bridge by the Red Hot Chilli Peppers. After the Ain’t That Wrong encore, the stage was set for night 2.

The second night started out with a bustout cover of The Who’s Eminence Front, which interestingly had last been played 155 shows before and previously 155 shows before that. The rest of the night offered 2 new covers (Blood Hound Gang’s 1996 single Fire,Water, Burn and a dancy version of Neil Young’s War of Man) as well as newer originals blended with fan favorites and unique segues. 

The band is playing loose and looks to be having a lot of fun up there. This was notable when vocalist and bassist Jordan Fairless turned a singing mistake into a funny improvised stage moment. 

If you didn’t know, you can get all your Spafford statistics over at Spaffnerds.com to keep up with the antics on stage.

Check out the full galley by photographer Jason Gold, @NewOctave who was there to capture the show.



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