Skyfoot: Astronomy Man

Skyfoot is a four-piece jam band from Boston, MA. They have been making music in the North East for years, but they caught my attention when they released their fourth full-length album, Astronomy Man. The eleven-track album was recorded at Rotary Records in western Massachusetts this past winter and spring. I was immediately captivated by the beginning of “Wat’cha Gonna Do,” the first track on the record because it has this bouncy Americana thing that I drift to, and the vocals stand out to me also.

The vocals continue to stand out across the album, I especially enjoyed the harmonies on “Hilltop”. “Everybody Have a Good Time Tonight” is probably a fan favorite but I am a sucker for some of the other tracks on the record. When I think about all of the words I use to describe the music I like – I laugh. I laugh because; exploratory, incendiary, moving, they all mean one thing, it just makes you feel good. Really great music encompasses all those words but it’s that feeling. That toe-tapping, head-bopping, lyrics replaying on your tongue. All things I find myself doing with these songs.

My favorite song on the album, after rotating from ‘Watcha Gonna Do’ lands with ‘Spoke’. I went back and listened to the track a few more times and realize that the words are relevant right now and always will be… “In the wheel, you’re just a spoke.”

Skyfoot is capable of a lot and I look forward to seeing them play live in the future.

In speaking to Tyler Arnot (guitar/vox) about the work they did on Astronomy Man it became clear that “Astronomy Man” is not just a bunch of songs thrown onto a record. The tracks are purposefully placed and definitely fit together and the result is what feels like a complete story. I’ve passed this album on personally to friends in hopes that they will appreciate what a pleasure this record is to listen to. Well done, Skyfoot.

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Sep 17, 2021