The Allman Betts Band at The Funky Biscuit

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The Allman Betts Band played an incredible two-night run live from the Funky Biscuit in Boca Raton, FL last week. This was the most intimate show I’ve seen this band play. The Funky Biscuit is an indoor venue and restaurant and for this socially distant show, they sold tickets by the table and had everything spread out according to guidelines. There were also two shows each night, a 6 pm show and a 9 pm show. This was a clever way to give fans more opportunities to attend a show since tickets were for limited capacity.

Both nights we attended the 9pm shows. Both shows started with an opening set from Jackson Stokes. Each night he played a few original songs and on the second night a cover of “Freight Train”. Both nights contained his song “Whiskey”, which rocks! Night 1 I had purchased his cd at the merch stand, and by night 2 I was singing along… I highly recommend it! After that short but sweet set, he morphed to the guitar tech and was getting the stage set up. Very cool to see!

As we awaited The Allman Betts Band we had a delicious meal from the Funky Biscuit. They had everything from cheeseburgers to seafood, and yes, you guessed it: we did have biscuits! Served with a maple bourbon glaze to dip in, the biscuits couldn’t have been more funky.

Soon the band took the stage and it was mind-blowing to see them in this space, right there with only a few tables between us. Compared to the show I saw last which was on a huge lawn amphitheater in Bethlehem, PA, I couldn’t believe how intimate it was… this was going to be a special treat!

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Both 9pm shows began with “Airboats & Cocaine” > “King Crawler”. Such a strong way to open! Typically, I would have complaints about repeats in a two night run, especially a band like this with 2 albums worth of legendary songs! I found this choice surprising at first, especially knowing it was going to be a shorter show due to covid, but once it was happening I was excited to have the experience again… it’s a rocking way to start a show! “Airboats & Cocaine” was especially awesome to start the show down here in Florida, right near the Everglades! 

Next for night 1 was “Shakedown Street” which they do a tremendous cover of, and everyone sure was shaking it! Then they led into “Southern Rain”, which was the 3rd song the following night. “Southern Rain” is as magical as it sounds, with a nice groovy jam and such uplifting lyrics “I believe in you!” It’s so soul soothing. Next “Left My Heart In Memphis’,’ a cover from the Royal Southern Brotherhood (an awesome supergroup Devon Allman was in prior), followed by a magical “In Loving Memory of Elizabeth Reed”. During this whole song Devon took a break while the whole band rocked it, which was unique to see. Night 1 finished off with “Down to The River” and “Pale Horse Rider”. Incredible songs, the energy was through the roof! For encore they returned and did “Shinin’”, a beautiful way to end! 

Night 2, after “Savannah’s Dream”, continued with “Midnight Rider”, and it was amazing… we all had goosebumps! Whenever there is a show with tables and chairs, it can be awkward to dance, you worry about blocking people who are sitting. Etc., but people were wanting to, and then Devon encouraged us all to “get up and dance!” That’s all it took, everyone who wasn’t already dancing, sprang to their feet and it was amazing! Jackson Stokes joined the stage for this one too and they did a stellar “Jessica”, it was a blast with everyone dancing their asses off! Obviously, all the Allman Brothers songs they do are done perfectly! They finished night 2 off with “Magnolia Road” which was unbelievable, a killer way to close the show. For the encore they did an extraordinary “Pale Horse Rider”, I love that song and love to hear it at the end of the show, it’s the perfect note to end on. 

Photo by Lyss Poland

Both nights it was like time stood still and we all escaped reality, the music transcended us all to a magical place. I scored the setlist both nights, and night 1 had “Dreams” and night 2 “Purple Rain”, two songs they never ended up playing! They jammed out the ones they did, so I wonder if it was a time thing or they changed their minds! I do wish they played more off their albums, every song on each of them is phenomenal! Although they did repeat song songs, the ones they did I could hear every show, it was all amazing! Both nights were incredible in every way. The energy was cosmic, it just felt so special to be there. It felt so unbelievable, despite everything happening in the world it’s mind-blowing we are able to have such a sacred and thrilling experience like that. I feel so blessed to be a part of those shows! The Allman Betts band sure blessed our hearts! 

I can’t wait to see them again soon, I’m so happy they have been able to safely tour during the pandemic. They are doing something so musically important. They carry that legacy of that legendary Allman brothers sound but have created a new sound so unique and different all their own. The combination of the two is just magical, and that magic just increases!The fun

Run of their epic winter tour.  has concluded this week, but Lucky for us all the Allman Betts Band hits the road again this spring! We’ll see you there!  

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Sep 17, 2021