The Allman Betts Band Delivered in Pennsylvania

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The Allman Betts Band continued their “Bless Your Heart” tour in Bethel, PA on Friday. The Pat Garret Amphitheater is way out there. The venue is comprised of a huge stage in a wide-open field with luscious green grass. It is surrounded by farms and forest and we stood under a sparkling starry sky. It was set up for social distancing and there were grids clearly marked. Everyone was happy with plenty of space to enjoy the feels. I was happy to see that all of the guidelines were being followed, and it felt close to normal. We have been lucky to have music during the time of Covid but in some cases that “feeling” is rare. I felt that “feeling” on Friday night.  

The gates opened at 5PM and opener Jackson Stokes took the stage. Jackson Stokes was a late addition to the evening and such an awesome surprise. Jackson was the first artist to be signed to Devon Allman’s new record label Create Records. Stokes was followed by the Jake Joyce Band.

The Jake Joyce Band took the stage next and played a high energy set. They are from Lancaster, PA and you could feel the “homecoming” spirit in the air. After two incredible opening bands, it was time for The Allman Betts Band to take the stage.

The venue was buzzing with energy, and the entire stage was pitch black as the band took the stage. They began to play the instrumental song “Cathedral” by Eddie Van Halen. As they played it the whole stage remained dark. It was a beautiful tribute to the legendary Eddie Van Halen, who passed away earlier this month. It was transcending to have that moment of remembrance together while in the darkness. The lights came on as they flew into “Airboats and Cocaine” followed by “King Crawler”. After what was a great intro to the night, Devon welcomed us all saying “Pennsylvania you’re gonna get it tonight!!” He wasn’t kidding.

The moon was glowing above the stage, the cool breezes blowing, the music exactly synced up to vibe. Both Devon and Duane were echoing off each other in sound. You know those moments at a show where time just stands still? That!

The band left “Shakedown Street” and played the song “Magnolia Road”, one of the songs off the newly released “Bless Your Heart” album.  The song has become an instant staple for the band. We were also blessed with an enchanting “Blue Sky”. The jam had us soaring and when we came back down, they joked “Now you can say you heard that one”! Within the humor we can all agree that we are lucky The Allman Betts Band can keep the legacy of the Allman Brother’s Band alive.

Photo by Alyssa Poland

The night was filled with surprises and  the  band offered up a limited edition clear vinyl which was available at the merch stand.

The next surprise was a spectacular “You got Lucky Babe” which was a special tribute to Tom Petty, who would’ve turned 70 just days before to the show. They finished off their set strong with the song “Long Gone”, a fitting end to a stellar set of music.

For the encore the band played their single “Pale Horse Rider” I can recall that there was a moment when all he house lights were on and we all sang in unison “Ohhhh, Ohhhh, Ohhhh!” It was beautiful to feel everyone connected in song. They ended the night with “Green Flower Street” which was an explosion of funkiness that had everyone dancing their hearts out. Start to finish, it was a wonderful night of music. The tour continues onward- don’t miss out!

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Sep 17, 2021